The following free downloadable books are written materials which support the “Good Seed / Gospel Life

Teaching for the Heart"; a foundational teaching for walking with God, the "Father above us, the Son alongside us and the Spirit within us".  In order to download these into your browser app on your "phone, tablet or laptop", just click on the "pdf" image next to the book cover image. 

1. "The Light of Christ and God's Kingdom" - This book presents how one follows God's heart.  It focuses on how through faith God gives one a new heart and leads them to live for "Christ and God's Kingdom".  The Lord Jesus reveals the Father's heart to us.  

2. "Righteous Heart and Radical Love" - This book presents how the Gospel unites one to God's "holiness and love".  This short book written using the "Epistle to the Romans", shares how God's heart desire is to unite humanity with Himself through a life of living by faith through the Gospel for all eternity.  The Lord Jesus walks alongside of us to reveal how to walk in His righteousness by faith. 

3. "Heart to Heart" - These daily devotions seek to lead one to encounter God's heart through the Gospel of John and encountering the Spirit of Christ.  This book takes one through the "Gospel of John" with the hope that their heart is prepared to walk in a personal relationship with God's "Living Word", His Son sent down from heaven.  These devotions will be uploaded later in the year in 3 PDF files as follows: a) John chapters 1-7;  b) John chapters 8-14 and c) John chapters 15-21.  

3 downloadable pdfs of devotions written using the Gospel of John (re-edited and released in 2021).

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