The writings below are meant to encourage and lead people to have a heart directed towards God so that they may know Him intimately.  God loved King David's heart for Him.  Although, it is recorded in the Bible that David was deceived and sinned from time to time, his heart remained fixed (steadfast) on the "heart to heart", supernatural relationship God had given him.  God desires the "body of Christ" to possess the same "Heart 4 God".  These writings are available for download in PDF format for your free reading.  Just press the button next to the image to download the writing into your browser. 

"The Light of Christ and God's Kingdom" - is a short book which focuses on how God works in one's heart to mold them into the image of Christ. 

"First Steps in the Good News to the Romans" - is a short book which uses the "Epistle to the Romans" to unpack the "Good News", the allegiance of God's heart (and will) to unite humanity with His righteousness so that His justice will prevail in the hearts of His children for all eternity.

"Heart to Heart" - is a devotional which uses the "Gospel of John" to focus on the heart relationship (union) built between the "Father, the Son and the body of Christ (Holy Spirit)". 

May God bless and grow your heart as you read these inspirations He has given me!

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