The following are free, short downloadable books.  In order to download these into your browser app on your "phone, tablet or laptop", just click on the "pdf" image next to the book cover image. 

1. "The Light of Christ and God's Kingdom" - This book highlights how to live by faith, to trust God and live for "Christ and God's Kingdom".  The Lord Jesus has revealed the Father's heart to us.  

2. "Righteous Heart and Radical Love" - This book presents how the Gospel unites one to God's "holiness and love".  This book highlights the Gospel teaching found in the "Epistle to the Romans".  The Gospel is more than a message or a teaching, it's a new life of walking in righteousness and love by faith. 

3. "Heart to Heart" - These daily devotions based upon the Gospel of John are meant to facilitate one's meeting with the Spirit of Christ (Living Word).  Also, these devotions are meant to prepare hearts for embarking on the most exciting journey, to walk in an intimate relationship with God the "Living Word", sent down to us from heaven.  This book is being split into 3 PDF files for ease of downloads as follows: John chapters 1-7;  John chapters 8-14 and John chapters 15-21. 

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