Count it all joy...


The efforts of United Missions (UM) have always focused on excelling through team work.  When individuals submit to the team, they can accomplish greater things than any individual.  This is something Jesus himself taught in John 14:12.  Therefore, UM has always partnered for the sake of the Gospel with many wonderful people in Haiti serving children and the needy.  The following provides a list of outreaches and associated pictures for some of UM's partners: 

1. Cornillion Primary School;

2. Foundation Thervil Orphanage;

3. Upper Room Orphanage;

4. Nurses to Children;

5. Clean/Safe Water to Families;

6. Trans-Haiti Blessings;

7. Discipleship/Evangelism Training;

8. Widows Ministry;

9. Building Desks & Benches;

10. Sharing Candy & Toys.