About us

There is no limit to how our God moves on behalf of His children when people believe in the power of the Gospel and connect together in faith around the "Cross of Christ" for His purpose.


"United around the Cross of Christ to  share the Love of Christ with children"


United Missions, Inc. was formed shortly after traveling to Haiti in 1998 to visit a child my wife and I were sponsoring through another Christian charity.  Shortly after this trip, we acted upon the belief that God could do more through us if we became advocates for Haitian children.  We now offer opportunities for local churches and individual believers to be intimately connected with Christian ministries started by Haitian believers.

The challenges we face in doing this work are tremendous to say the least.  We have seen governments change and earthquakes strike.  The primary school has moved from the original church location through the two building seen in the background into a new classroom building seen above on the original church site.  We must emphasis the love of Jesus to the children and always point to the Cross in all we do.  We believe the Lord can accomplish much through faith when believers link their hearts and hands together through the Cross.  Often, the power of the Gospel is demonstrated when small gifts are given with large amounts of love.  We will continue to be like the little boy who offered his lunch to Jesus for the feeding of 5,000 knowing what the Master can do when His people are committed to His work "to believe." (John 6:29)